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Emma Bourne

1st time passer
My driving lessons with Mark Bentley were very enjoyable. He was punctual, polite and extremely patient.

I passed my test quickly thanks to him which I am very grateful for. He made everything simple which made me feel very calm and confident whilst I was driving.

He not only taught me how to get through my test, he also taught me how to be a good and safe driver. I donít feel as if I wasted a penny on driving lessons as every driving lesson was different and I also felt that I was moving forward and never backwards.

With his tuition I passed first time which makes me feel very confident. He was very reliable even in bad weather conditions he never let me down and most importantly he made me feel safe which meant I had the chance to gain lots of experience which I know I will need.

I know I was probably one of the more challenging students to teach as I am very impatient, but mark was very understanding and never let me doubt myself. He is not only a talented and skilful tutor but Mark is also a very kind and honest man that is extremely easy to get on with,

I would recommend him to everyone trying to pass their test. Sometimes I wish I hadnít passed my test so soon because I miss having lessons with him, he has a great personality and sense of humour.

I want to say a massive thankyou to him as I am so very grateful for all the time and effort he put into his lessons, I will never forget how enjoyable the lessons were and it was quite simply one of the best experiences of my life. I canít express how brilliant he is,


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I would like to thank you very much on helping me pass my driving test. I could mot have done it without you. I will be recomending Jacqui to every one know. I couldn´t have asked for a b ...

I can´t thank you enough I have learnt more with you over the last few months than any other driving instructor I will highly recommend you
Samantha Roberts